Happy New Year! Thinking of Gifts! Fitness is the biggest gift you can give to yourself, So Be the Change and Walk the Talk. But Old  habits don’t go easily. The moment term ‘Exercises’, ‘Workout’ comes to our mind we start trembling.

Time for 2018 New Year Resolution for Fitness

You may have infinite number of Reasons, majorly would be time constraint and tiredness. So I have comprehended and come up a different approach that stresses on slowly pacing up as The slow and steady always wins.

To begin with, incorporate minute changes in your lifestyle that will certainly build up your stamina. 

Start by making small changes but not sudden and extreme step.

1.Start drinking lot of water

It will help you to curb excess eating and will aid in better
functioning of your Digestive system.

2.Start walking at least three kilometers a Day

Don’t use bike for small distances, just walk.Walk in you Room. Walk while returning from your office. I am sure you will find a way.walk for a purpose.

3.Climb stairs

It is one of best cardio exercises.

4.Do you know push ups

And your answer– yes we know but we can hardly do 10 at a time. NO PROBLEM , You can start by doing  in 4 sets of 6 Repetitions and take 30 seconds rest in between sets.

Do you know other body-weight exercises?  Perform them as well in the same fashion, it’s a starter workout for you.

5.Start eating raw veg and fruits as salads in your meals

Sample Home workout for your 2018 New Year Resolution for Fitness:

2.Squat-4 sets 6-8 Reps each
3.Mountain  Climber-4 sets 6-8 Reps each

4.Burpee-4 sets 6-8 reps each

30-45 seconds rest between sets. Add more exercises. In Beginning Perform them for 20-30 min. It is a sample workout, but you can change exercises and repetitions range if you want.

Start  your workout whenever you are free.

A Repetition is number of times  a same exercise completed in succession without any Rest or In same breath, for example 6 reps of Push up will add to 1 Set/1 cycle.

Body-weight exercises- Simple exercises, no weight required.

And please don’t follow Hasty Approach- 2018 will not end soon!! I will again reiterate slow and steady will certainly win especially if you are building your Body.

You must plan for your long term fitness goals. Patience and strong beliefs will be the key. But don’t worry guys, results will be amazing and will inspire others. Certainly you will start making early inroads and you will feel it at every step you takes toward your goal and believe me you will be proud of yourself as you transform yourself.

Let me help to achieve your goal and build  the Body you desire.

Stay Tune…