Amit Shah while speaking at INDIA TODAY CONCLAVE 2016 took a Class of Media over sensationalizing the whole JNU issue. He slammed Rahul Kanwal and his Brand of Double Standard Politics. He asked why does media Only listen to some Fascist elements of BJP why quote them, why Not refer to the Real Voices of BJP, the PM Narendra Modi, Arun Jaitely, Rajnath Singh. 

“What happened on February 9? Was it India’s Independence or Republic Day? What had happened on that day? The very fact that an event of that nature was organised in JNU is anti-national, We can tolerate any statement against the BJP leaders or the government, but not against the country,”

“I agree that the debate over that slogan is meaningless, but I must underline that the slogan is older than the BJP or even RSS. It is unfortunate that so many years after independence, we are still debating a nationalist slogan,”

Don’t link nationalism with politics, nationalism is not politics

“if you believe everything the media says you’ll be in trouble”.

AMU is not a minority institution. SC, ST and other backwards should get reservation there.

Who raised slogans in JNU doesn’t matter, holding Afzal Guru event itself was anti-national: Amit Shah


We don’t consider Asaduddin Owaisi anti-national for not saying ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ Amit Shah

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Amit Shah’s Strong & Clear message for Detractors & highlighting media’s double standards – Watch Full Speech/Interview