It seems Twitterati are not too Pleased with whole name change affair “Gurgaon to Gurugram”. And Mind you when Twitterati don’t like something, they mark their Protest, by Tweeting and Re-Tweeting furiously. This time it is way too funnier and it seems they have succeeded in  their efforts.

“Gurgaon to #Gurugram, now wating hyderabad to rename Hologram,kerala to kilogram…Achche din aa gaye”

“From “Gaon” to “Gram” A village remains a village! So MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon) is a “Gram Panchayat” now! Gurgaon to Gurugram”

What do IT guys who lived in Gurgaon call themselves? Programmer, Gurugrammer. #Gurugram— Chetan Bhagat