Funny Reactions at Twitter, Gurgaon to #Gurugram

It seems Twitterati are not too Pleased with whole name change affair “Gurgaon to Gurugram”. And Mind you when Twitterati don’t like something, they mark their Protest, by Tweeting and Re-Tweeting furiously. This time it is way too funnier and it seems they have succeeded in  their efforts.

“Gurgaon to #Gurugram, now wating hyderabad to rename Hologram,kerala to kilogram…Achche din aa gaye”

“From “Gaon” to “Gram” A village remains a village! So MCG (Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon) is a “Gram Panchayat” now! Gurgaon to Gurugram”

What do IT guys who lived in Gurgaon call themselves? Programmer, Gurugrammer. #Gurugram— Chetan Bhagat










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