Defending  Decision to hoist Tricolor on Central University, Fauji Maj Gen(Rtd) G D Bakshi made to Cry on National TV while debating at TIMES NOW hosted by Arnab Goswami. Politicians  must be ashamed of Themselves! Not just politicians Every Indian should be ashamed. One of the Panelist even Commented “The Indian Flag is infiltrating in the autonomy of Autonomous University”. For God sake Do we have to debate or Hoisting Tri-Color or Not. It is just awful, what has become of India. Govt of India has taken a superb decision to hoist national tricolor at all central universities, it will draw out all venomous anti-nationals out of their Disguise.

 Hamare jawano ki kadar kariye jo shaheed ho gaye hai: Maj Gen (Retd) Bakshi #TricolourForUnity

I’m an old soldier with 37 yrs of service. I am deeply pained. In armed forces we die for the flag: Maj Gen (Retd) Bakshi #TricolourForUnity

Tragedy of my nation,I see tears in eyes of a brave soldier like you:Smriti Irani to Maj Gen(Rtd)Bakshi #TricolourForUnity


Some Of Tweets Supporting Maj Gen(Rtd) G D Bakshi

Since 1 wk Arnab has been on a Blitzkrieg Exposing Fake & Traitor Journalist,Political leaders & Sum Hi society Civilians.

What a disgrace it is for the nation when an Army General is forced to drop tears looking at the condition of his nation

#TricolourForUnity who ever having problem flying Tricolour in thr own soil;shld go & hang thr head in shame..We want Tricolour Everywhr

I cannot fathom the fact that how can an Indian disagree with this decision. Our country’s national flag is our pride. #TricolourForUnity

today i got to know that Nationalism is extreme and Terrorists are innocent

The Entire JNU episode is gud 4 d nation bcz it hs unmasked & exposed many especially in d media who can sell own country

“6 cops, 2 paramilitary personnel and a gardener were brutally killed by Afzal Guru/Pak terrorists. How can any Indian insult the martyrs?

Why should anyone oppose Indian flag on Indian soil? Which flag do they want then? Red? Green?” – Manak Gupta, News Anchor