maneka gandhi on stopping female foeticide

maneka gandhi on stopping female foeticide

Women and Child Development  Minister Maneka Gandhi on  Monday  suggested that child sex determination during pregnancy  should be made compulsory.

According to her from the time pregnancy get confirmed, we should determine the sex of the foetus , and it should be told to the family members and same should be registered from that moment compulsorily, so that it will be helpful to Track female baby is born or not, and it will check the female foeticide.

Responding to a question about people using different means to detect the gender of an unborn child despite the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Act,  Maneka response came as:-

“So, till when will we keep the sight  on the ultrasound owner. Hamari ek raai hai, we have even read in newspapers about a blood test which tells the gender immediately, so till when will we make criminals of people. Better, we change the policy and make it compulsory to tell a pregnant woman if it is a boy or a girl and get her registered from that time . Then we  will be able to monitor it, whether she is born or not,”.
it’s a welcome statement, but lets see how this is going to track down and curb female foeticide in INDIA, where still girls  are seen as a burden in some part of the country.

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