Germany:  Tow trains collided head-on in the German state of Bavaria, the trains had crashed into each other while both travelling at around 100km/h. It is reported that in this head-on collision, at least nine people were killed and 100 plus injured among 50 are in critical condition. Also police confirmed that the drivers of both trains and two train guards were among those killed. The trains’ operator said both trains had partially derailed and were wedged into each other. According to witnesses it is horrifying sight there. The scene of the crash is close to the Mangfall river in a hilly and densely wooded region. The accident occurred on a single-track route between Rosenheim and Holzkirchen at about 07:00 local time 06:00 GMT. Casualties were being evacuated by boat and by helicopter. Rescue operation is going on by emergency services personnel.

German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrind visited the scene, He said that “The drivers’ cabs of both trains are wedged into each other. One side of one train is completely torn open. The other train bored into it,” he told a news conference.

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