When a National Level Shooter, Pushpa Gupta sell noodles from a cart in order to earn a living and support her family, instead Playing for Country, you know how tough is to be a Sports Player other than Cricketer in India, Specially when India is touted as next super power and boasts of Hundreds of Billionaire. It is indeed very saddening and distressing to see a Player of Such Stature is forced to sacrifice her passion.

Then comes Good Samartian Tajinder Bagga, who heads Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena, He has collected Rs 2 lacs as a Small Token of Appreciation for Pushpa Gupta. He did  by sharing her story on social media.

So We at Mastersaheb appreciates Mr Tajinder Bagga for His Great humanitarian work  and ABP News for aggressively covering the Story. Great Work guys.


Rightwing social media activist Tajinder Pal S Bagga contacted National-level shooter Pushpa Gupta, who sells noodles on roadside in order to earn a living, after ABP News aired her story in its ‘viral sach’ segment.

This viral video will shock you and very distressing indeed..

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