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Google Celebrates Munshi Premchand’s 136th Birthday with a Doodle

Today’s Google India Search homepage celebrates and pays tribute to eminent Hindi novelist and writer Munshi Premchand by dedicating a Google Doodle. Munshi Premchand filled many pages (of a different kind) with words that would forever change India’s literary landscape, so it is apt that google gifts him a Page “Doodle”. Born Dhanpat Rai in a small village in northern India, the renowned author produced more than a dozen novels, 250 short stories, and a number of essays, many under the pen name Premchand, Probably the greatest writer in Hindi literature.


Google dedicated a doodle to ‘Upanyaas Samrat’ #MunshiPremchand मुंशी प्रेमचंद

on his 136th birth anniversary today

Google Doodle Munshi Premchand’s 136th Birthday Image Source-Google






But it wasn’t until later in life that Premchand really focused on his writing. He was a teacher for many years until he joined the non-cooperation movement led by Mahatma Gandhi in the 1920s. Gandhi influenced much of Premchand’s later work, which brought to light some of India’s most prominent social issues of the time. Although much of it was fiction, Premchand’s writing often incorporated realistic settings and events, a style he pioneered within Hindi literature.
His last and most famous novel, Godaan (1936), inspired today’s doodle, which shows Premchand (sometimes referred to as “Upanyas Samrat,” or, “emperor among novelists”) bringing his signature working-class characters to life. On what would have been his 136th birthday, the illustration pays tribute to the multitude of important stories he told. Source





Hindi title Urdu title Publisher Date Length (pages) Description
Devasthan Rahasya Asrar-e-Ma’abid Awaz-e-Khalk(serial form) 1903 (8 October)-1905 (February) English translation of the title: “The Mystery of God’s Abode”
Prema Hamkhurma-o-Ham Sawab Indian Press/Hindustan Publishing House 1907 Amrit Rai overcomes social opposition to marry the young widow Poorna, giving up his rich and beautiful fiance Prema. (Penned under the name “Babu Nawab Rai Banarsi”)
Kishna Medical Hall Press, Benares 1907 142 Now lost; satirises women’s fondness for jewellery
Roothi Rani Zamana (serial form) 1907 (April–August)
Soz-e-Watan Publishers ofZamana 1907,1909 Banned by the British Government in 1909
Vardaan Jalwa-e-Isar Granth Bhandar and Dhanju 1912 128 Vardan (“Boon”) is about Pratap Cahndra and Brij Rani, two childhood neighbours who like each other. Brij gets married to another man and becomes a famous poet after being widowed. Her friend Madhvi starts liking Pratap after hearing about him from Brij. Pratap becomes a sadhu, and Madhvi becomes his devotee.
Seva Sadan Bazaar-e-Husn Calcutta Pustak Agency (Hindi) 1919 (Hindi); 1924 (Urdu) 280 An unhappy housewife first becomes a courtesan, and then manages an orphanage for the young daughters of the courtesans.
Premashram Gosha-e-Afiyat 1922
Rangbhoomi Chaugan-e-Hasti Darul Ishaat (Urdu, 1935) 1924
Nirmala (novel) Nirmala Idaara-e-Furoogh-Urdu 1925 156 English title: The second wife. About the dowry system in India (serialised in the magazine Chandbetween November 1921 and November 1926, before being published as a novel)
Kaayakalp Parda-i-Majaz Lajpat Rai & Sons, Lahore (Urdu) 1926 (Hindi), 1934 (Urdu) 440
Pratigya Bewa 1927 Deals with widow remarriage
Gaban Ghaban Saraswati Press, Benares; Lajpatrai & Sons,Urdu Bazaar 1931 248
Karmabhoomi Maidan-e-Amal Maktaba Jamia, Delhi 1932
Godaan Saraswati Press 1936 344 English title: The Gift of the Cow. Themed around the socio economic deprivation as well as the exploitation of the village poor.
Mangalsootra(incomplete) Hindustan Publishing House Premchand completed only first four chapters (around 70 pages) of this novel.

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