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Google Plans to Track Your Mental Health and mental Disorders Via wearable sensors

Mental Health mental Disorders Tracking Via Google wearable sensors

Mental Health mental Disorders Tracking Via Google wearable sensors

We have seen a many dreadful and addictive Bad technology advents,but this one,if successful, will certainly be not one of them.When Worldwide news are filled by mayhem caused Madman and psychos all around the world, Google efforts is certainly welcome.

Revealed By New Health Hire at Google ,Dr. Thomas Insel says “We do that already for how many steps you’ve had and your activity,” he said in an interview at Chicago Ideas Week, pointing to the Fitbit strapped to his wrist, “but this would be doing it for mood, for cognition, for anxiety. It’s really actually very doable.”

Further he adds “Giving that treatment online is as effective as face-to-face treatment, and in some cases better, because there are so many people with these disorders who will not come in for treatment”.

Insel says that he’d like to develop a wearable sensor to measure mood, cognition and anxiety. This device would track “sleep, movement” and even “language use” for red flags that could indicate mental health problems.

Basically, he suggests, it would be a kind of FitBit for your moods and sanity levels.

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