Kanhaiya Kumar released on Bail and immediately started his Victory March with Rants of ‘Azaadi’ and ‘Laal Saalam’, it is indeed freedom of Democracy that he can do it or Should he take a clue from ‘laal Saalam’ China, where he might had been bulldozed.

During the period spent by the petitioner in judicial custody, he might have introspected about the events that had taken place. To enable him to remain in the main stream, at present I am inclined to provide conservative method of treatment.- HighCourt Observation

But i guess it is hard to make them understand when their cup is already full with Politically Motivated Interests. But then We too have our rights to express our Azaadi, aren’t we. So why should a Common Taxpayer believing in Democratic system pay for these Leftists Azaadi seekers.

We must be given a choice to decide for whom we pay our hard-earned money. These PHD Scholars, may be aged between 25-30 are comforted with our Money( We are earning people who have started earning by age of 20), have no rights to waste our money for their petty politics. I believe Time has come when should see them managing their Politics while earning for themselves. Can They? It will be heartening for their Family to see their son earning for them.

Government should decide, Let them earn for themselves and do their Brand of Politics, together. We Common Tax Payer will not tolerate and we all should come forward against these  blood sucking Parasites ( It is our Blood Money). I will not tolerate because i love too too much my country to get destroyed by these perverts.

Dear JNU Students & Mr Kanhaiya Kumar, We Fund Your Studies, Not Your Politics

JNU has been a controversial university for quite some time. Professor Nurul Hasan, as HRD Minister, made sure that it became a bastion of the Left. Faculty who had alternate views were not hired or encouraged and sometimes hounded out. Wherever the Left has tried to assert itself, it has sought to infiltrate and control universities to ensure it dominates intellectual discourse.  Mohandas Pai

As for JNU, it is time the government asked students to pay the full cost of education; in case students wish to focus on politics and not on their studies, there is no case for taxpayers to subsidise extreme views or an archaic Left. Freedom does not include the right to misuse tax payers’ monies.

Rational Sardar exposes JNU Anti-Nationals, Wow what a watch!

These JNU Anti-naitional hypocrites enjoying subsidized education (approximately 3 Lacs per Anum) thanks to India and we Intolerant Indians, raises slogans “Azadi till India Ki Barbadi”. Indians who spent tens of Lakh on their Normal education have every right to slam these free-loaders. What have must frustated common Indian that these free loaders claim of High moral ground when shaming their own country and get praised by our Politicians led by Kejriwal and Rahuls.