There is no logic in naming or renaming something or something, we have names because we have to, it is because of Necessity not because of Logic, Gurgaon was gurgaon because it must had a name and now it becomes Gurugram,Going by Old Changes (From Madras to Chennai, Bangalore to Bengaloru), this change too doesn’t need any Logic, hope this answers  Rahul Kanwal’s Pain, We all know how much pain he is into, esp Last two years . so why do any body have problems with it. Instead i say change is good.

Logic must drive change. Going from Gurgaon to Gurugram not driven by any real logic. Change for the sake of change- — Rahul Kanwal

A Gentleman says “Will changing name from Gurgaon to Gurugram improve roads, power supply, law & order, public services, water supply, reduce graft? Then why?” but will keeping the old name, improve everything.

I say even a Little affect it may have on mind of People of Gurugram, it will be worth changing the name. Yeah i agree, if they are changing the name then they should back up with improved services to resident of Gurugram.

I thought you have lost all the rights in asking this specific question when you had whole india colored in your Family names, what were the reason in using those name.