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Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti- 350th Prakash Parv in Bihar

Guru Gobind Singh was born in the year 1666 to the ninth guru of the Sikhs Guru Tegh Bahadur. He succeeded his father when he was just nine years old. His father had sacrificed his life to protect the religious freedom of the people. This year it is special as it marks Guru Gobind Singh’s 350th birth anniversary.

Bihar is ready for grand celebration in Patna Saheb.

Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday gurpurab is celebrated by many Sikhs according to the Nanakshahi calendar. Those who adhere to lunar tradition continue to observe his birthday on a different date each year. Nanakshahi calendar which was developed recently fixed the Guru Gobind Singh’s Jayanti on 6thJanuary and later revised it to 5th January.

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti Timings

First Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti in January
350th Birth Anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh
Saptami Tithi Begins = 15:06 on 4/Jan/2017
Saptami Tithi Ends = 14:00 on 5/Jan/2017

Guru Gobind Singh’s 350th birth anniversary at Patna Saheb, Bihar- ‘Prakash Parv’ or ‘Prakash Utsav’ at Patna Saheb

Patna Sahib, the birthplace of the 10th Sikh guru, is considered one of the holiest places by Sikhs around the world and this year Bihar is ready to host 350th birth anniversary Celebrations at Patna Saheb, Bihar.

‘Prakash Parv’ or ‘Prakash Utsav’ is one of the most widely celebrated occassions of the Sikh community. It is calculated according to the Nanakshahi Sikhism calendar and is variably celebrated every year. The year 2017 commemorates the 350th birth anniversary of the 10th Sikh Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the creator of the gracious “Khalsa”. The event will be celebrated with grandeur befitting the occasion and is expected to be attended by lakhs of Sikh devotees from around the world, at Patna, Bihar from 30th December, 2016 to 8th January, 2017.

About Guru Gobind Singh Ji

The valiant son of Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji, the tenth and the last living Sikh guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born on Poh Sudi 7th, 23rd Poh 1723 Bikrami Samvat (22nd December 1666) at Patna in Bihar.

He was a spiritual master, warrior, poet and philosopher. He created the gracious “Khalsa”, introduced the Five Ks, the five articles of faith that Khalsa Sikhs wear at all times, continued the formalisation of the religion and made the scripture the Guru Granth Sahib as Sikhism’s eternal Guru.

He was not only a saint and a soldier but also a poet and a philosopher. He authored many spiritual compositions including the Jaap Sahib to infuse the martial spirit in the people. All his compositions are compiled in a book called Dasam Granth Sahib.

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