It is no wonder that users at social media have started demanding apology from The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Hey Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Hey Royals, A Mad Psycho Colonel Reginald Dyer who reported to your ancestors killed thousands of Indian, in cold Blood. I know one can say you can’t be held responsible for what your fore fathers did but then when you royals are still living the royal dreams, isn’t you accountable. if you then go to  Jallianwala Bagh and ask for forgiveness.

Isn’t Being Royal means royal deeds, royal thoughts or it just limited to royal clothes, so The India Demands Apology from Royals for what you did!!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge , Why don’t they visit Jallianwala Bagh Today and say sorry

UK Sikh group wants Jallianwala Bagh regret remarks repeated