Pokemon Go is a trendsetting game, it will be apt to say that  it has revolutionised the gaming section in short span. After being available on both Android and iOS it was eagerly waited to be released on Windows 10 Mobiles. While officially the game is not available for Windows 10 Mobile you can now play it on you devices thanks to a UWP client of Pokemon Go that can be side-loaded to Windows 10 Mobile. PoGo-UWP, the Pokemon Go client let you play in the same game-world as your Android / iOS friends. We have brought the full tutorial (How to install Pokemon Go to Windows 10 Mobiles) thanks to Nokiapoweruser.com

What is PoGo-UWP?

PoGo-UWP is an UWP (Universal Windows Platform) client for Niantic’s Pokemon™ Go Android/iOS game. Being a client, this means that it gives you the ability to play in the same game-world as your friends that are playing with an Android or iOS device.


How To Install Pokemon Go  PoGo-UWP:

It is not available via Windows 10 Store and you need to sideload it. Here are the steps.

  • Create a Pokemon™ Trainer Club account by following the link
  • Login on the Android/iOS app to choose your starter  or in case you don’t have an Android / iOS device you can use Bluestacks.
  • Logout from the official app
  • Download the following files and place them in the same folder: 1 – 2 – 3
  • Change your storage settings from SD card to phone storage (or it won’t install and throw error)
  • Enable Device Portal by following the Microsoft article here.
  • Navigate to APPS page on Device Portal
  • Choose file #1 under “Install App”
  • Click on “Add Dependency” twice and add both file #2 and #3
  • Click on “Go” under “Deploy” and wait until “Done!” is shown
  • Launch the app on your device
  • Login

By following the above steps you can now play the game on your Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Here are the features the game currently supports,

PoGo UWP features:

  • Login with Pokemon™ Trainer Club accounts
  • Similar UI as the Android/iOS version but 2D only
  • Use the map to see both Pokemons and PokeStops near your location
  • Catch Pokemons
  • Visit PokeStops and get new items

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As this Cult game is still officially unavailable in India but if you want to try your hands on Pokemon go don’t wait further we have a detailed tutorial made especially for users in India.

How To Download, Install, Play Pokemon Go in India