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“I was burnt with cigarettes, RVS Mani, Former Under Secy” Forced to Implicate Narendra Modi

Big Revelations are coming out, Dirt is so Dirtier that it will shock you ” Can Indian Politics attain such Low, For Some Political Houses, Politics is all about Political Killing, Implicating in Wrong Cases, Sympathizing with Terrorists”. We already know how former UPA Union Ministers had chased BJP and it’s Then Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi, but forcing a Bureaucrat to do illegal things and that too by burning him with cigarettes.

Recently it was alleged that That Failed attack was attempt to kill and remove Narendra Modi from Political Space. But Our Paid Media Crooks proved it as Fake Encounter Case “Ishrat Jahan encounter case, the famous fake encounter case allegedly hatched by Modi and Shah, will always remain in Top Conspiracy theories, where Narendra Modi was claimed to order a Fake encounter, but Ishrat Jahan was a innocent tourist in Gujarat. Narendra Modi always under attack by the Opposition especially Congress and Human rights groups” What a Mockery Ishrat Jahan was Claimed daughter of some Politicians.

And Now Chidambaram was alleged to Change original affidavit which doesn’t had Modi’s Name but later on Instructions of Chidambaram was added in modified affidavit.

If you have watched the video you would know how a Dirty plan to defame Modi was hatched & RVS Mani, Former Under Secretary ,Internal security was burnt with cigarettes to force him in doing it.

In June 2013,Satish Verma burnt me with cigarettes: RVS Mani, Fmr Under Secy, Internal security, MHA

CBI said IB input is not believable. I refused to back what CBI said

So many officers, people chased me. In June ’13, I was burnt with cigarettes

SIT Chief was engineering evidence, I did not draft the second affidavit

I cannot say what the need for the affidavit was, you will have to ask people who ordered it

If I am ordered to do something i have to go and do it, I cannot refuse, Was ordered to sign file, I did it. Was told it was order of govt.

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2 Responses

  1. subu says:

    Indians should understand that congress, the left and the regional parties are all paid tools in the hands of the west. the West was scared that if there is a change of regime from congress and its allies their plan to fully divide India by 2050 will face a setback pushing the target further ahead. Is it possible that such sophisticated design of conspiracy and lie be created by congress……absolutely not. These plans are hatched in the prestigious universities of the west along with other agencies. Congress and other allied parties simply execute them. Chidambarum is a product of one such famous university about which he keeps referring.

    India is in a dangerous situation we have practically been sold to the west’s philosophy of divide India ‘its several countries in one mismanaged and needs small independent management to have better life for the people’.

    See how fiercely the congress and allied parties are trying to defend the conspiracy. They have to, if not the tons of cash the congress and allied parties politicians have stacked in foreign banks will be confiscated by their western masters in no time.

  2. R K Nair says:

    If this Govt is worth its salt , it should initiate action against Chidambaram and Satish Verma……..

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