#IAmWithModi Do You? Reactions at Twitter

#IAmWithModi is trending at Twitter today, where users are supporting PM Narendra Modi on Demonetisation issue.

I stand with, and for PM Modi on this issue, and if you support PM Modi then support the common man who are standing in Bank queues to withdraw their hard-earned Money.

We all know the decision to scrap  the notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 is a tough one but every Big Change is always a Tough One to cope in Start!

Then to expect good and supporting behavior from Dynasty Political Parties is never on cards.

But what has amazed me the ferocity with which Kejri and His gang is opposing the Move. Oh Man He started his Nautanki politics on promise to throw corruption out of India. May be for Him and his followers Only way to make india corruption free is to do Dharna, and to do Press Conference.

#IAmWith Modi- Reactions at Twitter









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