Mr Yograj must learn, Yuvraj singh, a Successful and Great Cricketer whereas you a Failure, doesn’t need you to defend him and  specially not by abusing His Captain. Now you are failing as Father as well. Yuvraj singh as a Member of ICC World T20 Cricket Team need complete concentration on Game but not on your foolish comments and abuses to Dhoni.

“I have played under the greatest captain — Ashok Mankad — so I know what is going around. After not playing international cricket for two years and then making a comeback is fantastic — hats off to him. The captain expects him to perform and then suddenly drops him to No 7, “What the f**k is happening? What is the captain trying to prove?,” “I have told my son not to worry because his time will come and that is just around the corner. Let me see MS Dhoni being dropped for two years or anybody else getting dropped and making a comeback to the Indian team and whether they score a single run,” – See more at:Indian Express