If not in India, where should National Anthem

If not in India, where should National Anthem

If not in India, where should Indian National Anthem be Played? May be in Pakistan. I have seen a few articles and some discussion on social media “Why in First Place National Anthem is Played in Movie Theatres and in common Public gathering”, i am really amazed with reactions of so-called intellectuals and media houses. I have some questions ” why is this apathy and intolerance towards Our National Anthem “.

I agree heckling and abusing for the namesake of National Anthem is not correct but have we become so lazy and incorrigible that we can not stand for two minutes while National Anthem is Played.

On Tuesday, 26-year-old Neeraj Pandey, a resident of Mumbai’s suburb of Kandivali, went to watch the matinee show of Wazir. Like in all of the city’s theatres and cineplexes, the National Anthem was played before the screening of the film. While the entire audience stood up, Pandey decided otherwise. What do you think happened next?

Pandey was first heckled by a group of people because he was sitting while the Anthem was playing and then he — along with his group of friends — was peacefully escorted from the premises by the manager.

National anthem: Why do we even play it before a movie begins and then bully people to stand?

What happened with Neeraj Pandey is unfortunate and should not have happened in first place but what about him not having two minutes of his precious time for National Anthem considering the fact that HE WAS NOT ILL & HE WAS ALREADY THERE TO WATCH MOVIE FOR NEXT 3 HOURS, EXTRA 3 MINUTES WOULD HAD MATTERED AT ALL. So Mr Neeraj Pandey was that your decision of Not standing has some reasons at all or a way to garner some attention in Social Media Circles.