56 faculty members of IIT-Madras faculty, deeply pained over Politicized and dangerous environment prevalent in JNU, have decided to enter the ongoing discussion, For them enough is enough. So it is now IIT M Vs  a faction of JNU, that believes in raising Anti-National controversial slogans in the name of Freedom of Expression and are defended tirelessly by  so-called Anti-Nationalist Media Intellects. So I say time for Failed Anti-National Philosophy to go under scientific and analytic grind. Time for Some Real Intellect words!

In a letter to President Pranab Mukherjee, the 56 faculty members of IIT-Madras faculty called for Saving educational institutions from the scholarship of abuse and hate and asked his Intervention

“In the name of academic autonomy, angry academics should not wage their ideological wars, nor can an institute campus be beyond the norms of the society outside in matters of abusive and hateful expressions. Calling for dismemberment and ruin of our country in the name of dissent is not acceptable, even in a university,”

“We feel concerned about the situation in the country where institutions of higher learning are being converted into war zones by some academicians, politicians and sections of media.

 “We support intellectual freedom, and alternative views are a must for democracy and creativity. However, there is a deep distortion of the meaning of academic freedom which is leading to a vitiated atmosphere in the campuses,”
“scholarship of abuse, hate and discord” to “the atmosphere of sobriety, reflection and harmony necessary for genuine scholarship”, Shreepad Karmalkar, a professor Read More