Anna Hazare is greatly disappointed over sorry state of affairs in Aam Aadmi Party(AAP). He is very sad by the way Arvind Kejriwal’s way of Handling. So Now Anna Hazare says “I’m nobody’s Guru, Arvind Kejriwal not my chela” in Interview with Arnab Goswamy. ”

For several years, Arvind Kejriwal and I were working together. I had never thought that Arvind will form a party which will include such people,” Anna told TIMES NOW today. “So many people have been found guilty. This is not right. It is really unfortunate that I was dreaming about something with Arvind and that dream has broken now.”


Now the real guru of the AAP is Arvind Kejriwal says Sambit Patra, BJP


Is Anna disowning him, the lowest point for Arvind Kejriwal?
What’s your take?


I’m nobody’s Guru. Arvind not my chela: Anna Hazare in an EXCLUSIVE interview to Arnab Goswami





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