alternative medicine with homeopathic globules on leaf

alternative medicine with homeopathic globules on leaf

Do you Know a Therapeutic system similar to Homeopathy exists and is frequently used by Homeopathic Doctors and sometimes is even much More effective than homeopathy.

The Biochemic Therapeutic system-

The Biochemic Therapeutic system was developed by a German physician Dr. Schuessler, who discovered that the health of the body’s cells depends on a particular amount of twelve inorganic salts in them and any variation or deficiency in the normal amount of these inorganic nutritive salts leads to the body being afflicted by a disease. Dr. Schessler found that when the deficient inorganic salts (Biochemic Salts/Tissue Salts) were replenished, they helped the body to absorb the required nutrition from normal food and quickly get back to a healthy state.

The methods of preparation of Biochemic and Homeopathic remedies are identical. Traditionally, Biochemic remedies are used in low potencies – 3x, 6x, 12x, upto 30x, while Homeopathic remedies are used in potencies varying from the low to the very high (CM, LM). Schuessler and orthodox Biochemic practitioners also insisted on the use of a single remedy, as in classical Homeopathy.

Enough,on History,i have found a super Tonic that serves well when you have little immunity to Diseases or Have Recovered from Major Disease.

BC28 (Combination No 28)- Tonic for Weakness/ Debility
Contains all 12 Tissue-salts. Helps to replenish all the deficient salts following debilitating diseases, and for convalescence. Helps better utilization of food and improves resistance.

Please Consult A Homeopathy Doctor before taking any medicine and above posts is my knowledge and my experience with the subject.