“India has Lost Arjun in his Karmabhoomi”, Lt Col Niranjan Kumar, Real Heroes,Martyred during Pathankot Terror Attacks

Col Niranjan Kumar

Col Niranjan Kumar

“He was always very passionate about the force. He wanted to joint the armed forces as it was his passion”

Lt Col Niranjan Kumar,a bomb disposal expert, who was with the National Security Guard (NSG), was killed while attempting to move the body of a terrorist, who had an hidden explosive device implanted under his body. He is the Real Super hero, for his ultimate sacrifice, of his life.

Lt Col Niranjan Kumar, 34 yr Old, is survived by his father, his wife Dr KG Radhika, a dentist, and a two-year-old daughter.

“We lost our mother when he was four years old and he had a difficult life. The country shouldn’t just remember him as a soldier who laid down his life, but as a man who faced a lot of struggles to achieve his dream,” said Niranjan’s sister, Bhagya Lakshmi.

She said Niranjan was like Mahabharat’s Arjuna, who fought in his karmabhoomi.

We at Mastersaheb salute and pays tribute to a Great son, Lt Col Niranjan Kumar, who sacrificed his life for Our Great Mother, India. We feel proud and safe all because of Great Arjuns like you.

Sivarajan father of Lt Col Niranjan Kumar said  “I called him up at around 5 pm. I was taking my evening walk and wanted to get some information from him. When I called, he said he was engaged in an operation. He said he would call me back,”

But Alas he will never call Back.

Recent News-

The mortal remains of 34-year-old Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan Kumar, who lost his life during the combing operations in Pathankot, have been brought to Bengaluru. Several political leaders including Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah paid homage to the Lieutenant Colonel.

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