It is indeed something very strange, people from other countries who lives here but not born here like Katrina Kaif, find India a secure and Tolerant place but some of the Celebrities who are born here, find India a Intolerant place and even they thought of leaving India.

When Katrina Didn’t fell for Media Tactics of TRP by Instigating ‘Intolerance out of You’

For past some Months Media Personnel  are aggressively searching for Celebrities who will fall for their TRP and Political Agenda, they tried same tactics with Katrina Kaif and Adnan Sami but fell down miserably.

“I’m not completely aware of the intolerance debate but I feel India is a very tolerant and a special place,”

“When I came to India, I felt I came back home. The warmth here can’t be experienced anywhere else. Wan’t to live here all my life,”

katrina kaif

What did Adnan sami say about ‘Intolerance’ in India


If India would have been intolerant, I would never have been given Indian citizenship

In his One-liner witty reply, Adnan Sami conveys it all, as per him if india were a intolerant state, he would have never asked for Citizenship, but India is not.


Who started Famed ‘intolerance’ Debate in India


The real reasons behind pre planned Award Wapasi were personal, and these artists and Actors in a way became tool to create Intolerance in India, they have acted for  their Personal Vendetta.

Reality Check – Why ‘Intolerance’ was manufactured in India