India overtakes China as the Top global destination for FDI – FDI Report 2016

Amidst all the negativity created by ever criticizing Media, Modi government seems holding tight on its Dream of Making India the Greatest country. They are unrelentingly working towards its goal and Reports laden with facts says it all.

World’s TOP FDI destination is India. First time ever –

How are foreign investors reacting to the turbulent global economic recovery?

The headline finding of The fDi Report 2016 – the annual assessment of cross border investment based on the fDiMarkets service from the Financial Times – is that sustained greenfield foreign direct investment (FDI) continued its tentative recovery in 2015.

The fDi Report 2016 reveals that greenfield capital investment increased by nearly 9% however the number of FDI projects declined by 7%. Key FDI trends spotted include:

  • India overtakes China as the top global destination for FDI.
  • Global FDI forecasted to decline by at least 5% in 2016.

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More FDI. More Growth. More Jobs.



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