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India weeps for Martyr Captain Tushar Mahajan, Real Hero

A Mother can not be more prouder than when her son dies while  saving her, So India, our motherland weeps for her favorite son, Captain Tushar Mahajan, for her loss. He was  passionate about joining the Army from his early age at when children of his age were busy playing with games and toys.

“He was such a boy that when he was asked to write an essay in the class he wrote that his aim was to join the Army and kill terrorists. That was the time when his other classmates did not even know what terrorists or the army was,” his classmate and childhood friend Sushant said.Read More

Captain Tushar Mahajan of 9 Para was killed while fighting terrorists in the EDI building in the Pampore area of the Pulwama district in Kashmir Valley.

As the Captain Tushar Mahajan‘s body reached the headquarters of army’s Northern Command at Udhampur, his mother broke down and almost fainted while hugging the coffin.

Captain Tushar Mahajan

Last Rites of Captain Tushar Mahajan 

True Words-

“I had no knowledge that Tushar was part of the ongoing operation in Pampore, but when I came to know about the martyrdom of Captain Pawan Kumar I was sad for the whole day. How many children will attain martyrdom? When will our politicians realise this,” Dev Raj father of Captain Tushar Mahajan

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