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Introduction to Nutritional Facts of Your Food

I don’t believe in Diet Plans and numerous fat-loss methods ,they all are useless shortcuts , may work for some time but then you will again be in old shape ,once you are over with Diet plan.
Stay away from these plans .

They won’t enhance your strength and immunity but rather they harm.Diet plans are based on Tough compromises on your food and ,and over time it’s hard to resist.you may hold for some days and then need for them will again take over you ;Mind you ,the urge will be stronger than ever.

Our body needs food as fuel to run its complex system and it needs food in Plenty.I insist you not to avoid eating but avoid eating unhealthy food.There is no need of  senseless compromises on Food Quality and quantity as demanded.You should not eat less food than required.Eat as much as your body demands, but then not like a glutton.

It may seem tedious work for you to choose your food but guys,there is no rocket science but the simple science and simple calculation.
You just need to change your perspective.To begin with,whenever you see something to eat or drink , think of it as fuel needed for your existence but judge them on the basis of their Nutritional value .
Our food may consist of many nutrients as parts but we must base our food selection on three most important constituents:- ” The Big Three ” Carbohydrates ,Protein and Fats.

It is suggested that our food intake should stick to BMR (Basal  Metabolic rate That is your daily calorie requirement)calculation and then corresponding food portions be decided.
But yes,for beginners it may seems little overboard and complex.So I will lead you to a simple way that require your common sense to measure food quantity suitable for you ..that’s all.

Let me first explain why all of this is so important.it is ! guys and gals 

The excess calorie in Form of Food that we intake is the sole reason behind your infinite  pack abs. But it doesn’t mean that we  have to renounce our food to get back our glorious self , instead we have to interchange ratio and portion sizes of different constituents especially The Big Three in our daily food intake.

***As introduction to Nutritional Facts of Food***-
for Now,

Remember1gm Carbohydrate == 4 unit ( 1 unit==1kcal/gm &Calorie is Just another Unit to measure your Food Intake.)
1gm Protein ==4unit
1gm Fat== 10 unit.

So i guess Fat sounds trouble and carbohydrate, as well. But then why carbs ?

Well Most of our food abundantly have the Bad carbs(Simple carbs, which releases tons of Instant calorie without any use),You have to really control yourself to suppress Bad carbs intake.
Now you can guess why everyone is afraid of Edible Oils …Because Of Excess Fat ,so The excess calorie.

Protein and carbs are answer to all our prayers for fat loss,it depends on their ratio in our food intake. For starter, i will suggest you to change portions,replace some portion of your carb intake with Fiber rich carbs(Complex carbs –i will explain in detail in My next Blogs).

Some examples of Bad Carbs are White Bread,food with added sugar,sweets,cold drinks,Fruit Juice,Honey etc

Oats-     Good replacement as they are fiber and protein rich.
Raw veg those are usually used as salad,Fruits-    Should make 30% of Total carb intake
Honey,Sugar less sweetener –  As replacement to major portion of sugar intake.
Whole Grain Based Food(Indian Roti ,whole wheat Brown Bread)- Good replacement for white bread

And Add good lean protein sources like sprouted gram,Egg whites,Chicken,Slim Milk

*Stay Away from Fruit juice rather eat whole fruit ,as it is fibre rich.
*And no booze,it gives you tons of instant calorie .
*Start your day with protein rich sprouted Gram and moong,may add little Honey for flavour.
*Eat at least five egg whites a day or Egg white omelette and oats as breakfast

A small Diet exercise for you all..Next time you go to Grocery shop,Try to read Labels for Nutrition Facts,Please Make it a Habit.
For example check nutrition facts of Normal Milk Packet and Slim or Toned  milk packet and judge for yourself that which one is better.

I have tried to sum up basic nutritional facts and please take it seriously .Your Body demands the alertness for yourself.In my next Blog i will discuss Basic exercises for starters.




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