Need to engage, play Pakistan, social media not sense of the nation- Anurag Thakur.

My dear,it is my greatest pleasure to inform you that you are WRONG,social media is indeed sense of Nation and it is Brutally honest and cares for India and it’s Citizen.

There is no Hiding the fact that you are only seeing money making opportunity for you and your master,BCCI but as social media is against it,you are Frustrated.

We want to know if your views are supported by your other Master,BJP.

What he Said-

“I think you have to take a call (on) whether there should not be any talks. Let other countries go to UN and let other boards go to ICC for decisions, but you have to decide if you want to engage with them. So I think you have to decide diplomatically what call to take.

If you engage (with Pakistan), then you can raise the issue of terrorism as well as cricket as well as trade. But if you don’t engage, you give that opportunity to someone else,” said Anuraj Thakur.

He added that the NDA government’s efforts were geared towards improving relations with all the neighbouring countries, including Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

“If you look at it, on one hand, you’re improving your relations with other countries, your visit to Bhutan, Nepal, the Foreign Minister’s visits to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In the last five years, if you look at our relations with our neighbours, they weren’t that good,”

Anuraj Thakur is talking money here don’t be confused by his words.

There are lot more ways to engage pakistan and diplomatic talks are best of them.

So Anuraj Thakur is suggesting that now players will be diplomats.

From your and your pakistani counterpart’s eagerness,one thing is clear that there is lot to earn.

BCCI,the scam masters, should not be allowed to set diplomatic rules for us.

You are just a sporting Body and you will abide by India’s Rules of Diplomatic engagement.