This is the Viral Topic of Discussion especially among RGV, Ram Gopal Verma  Fans, will ‘Veerappan’ a Bipic Tale, will ensure Return of Director ‘Ram Gopal Verma’ who once famed for His Cult Hits Satya, Rangeela, Sarkar and seemed lost in unnecessary controversies, Tweets Fight and a Endless series of B Grade Movies. Tough ask looking at Ram gopal Verma’s self imposed Deprivation of Movie Making Talent. So here we comes up with Ratings , Reviews and Live Public reaction on RGV, Ram Gopal Verma’s Latest Sensation Veerappan The Movie.

“Some say that I am glorifying Veerappan which goes back to the same old decade-long argument that cinema glorifies violence. I had faced criticism about this same issue even in Satya. Though it made the point that everyone who took up a gun, as a way of life, died a miserable death, still people said it glorified violence. If it can be really called that, true glorification of violence is only when the audience claps and whistles as the hero beats up or kills a villain, which happens only in commercial mainstream formula films. Whereas in a film as realistic as Satya , the audience is actually as shocked with Bhau’s death as much as they are shocked with Bhiku Mhatre’s death.

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Veerappan Official Trailer | Hindi Movie 2016 | Ram Gopal Varma | Sandeep Bhardwaj, Sachiin J Joshi