The Reality of Whole Ishrat Jahan enconter case shook me from within, just imagine if such treatment happened to a IAS officer, what would had happened to common man who supposedly went on opposing then Government, he might had been erased from History.

RVS Mani even added that he reported these abuses to then CNN IBN and Indian Express, but they did not report. And to vindicate his claim a tweet has surfaced which claimed his harassment back then in 2013 along with Ashok Khemka’s bad treatment by then UPA Government.

RVS Mani, the man who filed the Ishrat affidavits details the ‘torture’ he went through, I was tortured by the SIT in Gandhinagar, In June 2013, Satish Verma burnt me with his cigarettes. They beat another man in front of me, tried to break me down psychologically,says RVS Mani