Rajya Sabha member and Janata Dal (United) leader Ali Anwar allegedly made an utterly shameful and derogatory remark against newly-appointed Textile Minister Smriti Irani. So Now all attention has moved out to Ali Anwar from Smriti Irani. Ali Anwar is highly criticized for his remarks in Political circle. This kind of behavior is not expected from a elected representative of people.

In a shocking statement, Anwar told a news channel: “Good that Irani has been elected as textile minister; it will help her cover body.” The JD(U) leader then tried to dilute his statement, adding that he “was referring to the bodies of the people in general”, reports ABP news.

Reactions at Ali Anwar’s Staement on Smriti Irani

Prakash Javadekar “This is the worse comment I had ever heard of”.


“This is completely wrong. I never made such a statement, I never commented on Smriti Irani, rather I was commenting about the Textile Ministry which covers the body of people. I always respect women, why would I say about her. I have immense respect for her,” Ali Anwar Clarified