Amid  Criticism From several Politico and Journo Morons, Pahlaj Nihalani for the first time has received praises from Intellectuals for Rating Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book with U/A Certification.

So what, if Baby Pappu of Congress doesn’t Find the Movie scary

It is been said in Media circles that this time Pahlaj Nihalani is right as heavy visual  with astounding 3D effects has made movie so real, that the threats usually found in a Forest will be real, so super scary for its potential watchers ‘KIDS’. He is right in awarding U/A, as children should be assisted with their guardian, who knows what can happen How the Little Mind responds to extremely Loud Visual effect, One must care of their children and we need no suggestion in this regard from Moron Politician or Media Psychos.


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