Nitish Kumar, once known as Sushashan Babu, has high goal of Becoming PM when can not even manage Bihar. Return of Jungle Raj has been fierce and revengeful. This is what one can expect from Lalu Prasad Yadav led Government.

Situation has worsened in Bihar and now it seems back to Lantern age again despite Alcohal ban(Which is ‘Odd-Even of Nitish Kumar.)

Aditya’s friend Aayush, who was with him when this incident happened, said they tried overtaking their car, but the other side started firing shots in the air.

“One of them was wearing a commando dress. They assaulted my friends and fired shots because of which my friend died,” he added.” Read More

The BJP on Monday called for a shutdown/Bandh in the town of Gaya over the alleged killing of 19-year-old Aditya Sachdeva by Rocky Yadav, the son of Janata Dal (United) legislative council member Manorama Devi.

Meanwhile, the police is yet to arrest Rocky who is still on the run, nearly 36 hours after the incident.

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