Race to be called Anti-nationalist is Raging On, It has become fashionable to be a Anti-nationalist, i do wonder How would they greet among themselves, may be  “Hi Anti-nationalist, Hello Anti-Nationalist”. And then you hear some sane voices to save Sanity in your beloved Motherland, that gives you joy that our great nation still has some Intellects to guide us. N Santosh Hegde, a former justice of the Supreme Court Of India, former Solicitor General of India, and Former Lokayukta of Karnataka is one esteemed personality, who is known for Honestly and unrelenting fight to corruption. So when He says something, it must have extra-ordinary effect.

“I believe in sedition law. I am a patriot. Any patriot cannot go on abusing the country. There are certain parameters, Many people think differently in this country whose allegiance is with some other country or some other group.if democracy has to survive, then there should be some restrictions on the people talking against the country. Forget all other things. You criticise the government, criticise the individuals, criticise the system. Patriotism can never be criticised,”

Mr Hegde suggests to go for tough measures than the previous judgement of the Supreme Court that says mere talk is not sedition and should be followed by actions, something contrary to law.

“I don’t believe in that judgement. Sedition means propagating some views which are against the nation. As long as the judgement of the Supreme Court is there, I am bound to say its the law of the day today. I am one of those personswho would say that the judgement should be changed,”

“You can’t meddle with patriotism. Everything is alright (but) patriotism can never be compromised,”

“What about Indian Penal Code. How old is it? You scrap Indian Penal Code because somebody is involved in a crime? (and wants it to be scrapped). Its a 230-year-old act. You change it,”

“There are ways and means of saying it. There are people who say they don’t believe in death sentence. But I would ask them a question. What happens to the fundamental right of a victim who died? Who was killed by somebody else. It’s a very, very sad day for a country.

“In Pakistan what happened? A Virat Kohli’s fan showed Indian flag and was sentenced for 10 years. No country can never ever compromise on its integrity. Forget everything else. So far as integrity of the nation is concerned, never ever compromise it,”

 “Urgent reform is a system by which every judgement is delivered within one year in criminal cases and within two years in civil cases. Remove all the appeals provision. Like in the United States, there is one trial court and one appellate court. Supreme Court (in the US) is not meant for civil cases, (The) American Supreme Court is meant only for interpretation of constitution of the United States. Here (in India), just imagine, in Lalu Prasad Yadav’s case, charge sheet was filed in 1996 and first conviction was in 2013, sixteen years later. What sort of justice (is this)? Who will be afraid of punishment? Because of freedom of speech, we have been talking anything and everything. And we get away with it,”Read More

He covered all blanked dots, didn’t he, Read if you want a honest say in this ongoing JNURow.