Virat Kohli records his maiden double-century in Tests, on the second day of the first Test against West Indies in Antigua on Friday. In the way He becomes  the first Indian captain to do so overseas. So Twitter erupts in celebrating the Greatest Feat of Rising Star and equals his Feat with another Legend in Making. The success story of Rajinikanth’s Kabali is so prominent and now thanks to Reactions on Twitter it gels with Virat Kohli’s Double century.


Reactions at Twitter on Virat Kohli & Kabali


Virat Kohli and Kabali have crossed 200 effortlessly.


Rajnikanth took a sick leave today to watch Virat Kohli bat.



My Delhi Guy Virat Kohli 200 run , @narendramodi Gujarat Guy 16 run. Delhi defeats Gujarat from 184 runs



Double Century of Delhi Guy Virat Kohli. Modi ji learn something from today’s match, without Delhi India is Zero


The season of Virat Kohli reaching new heights in Test Cricket has started…expecting 1500 runs in 17 Tests



Virat Kohli is in such a good form that he can even get you Kabali ticket which is not available for next 2yrs.