Karmphal Data Shani TV Serial is aired every Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Colors. The show intends to breaks all the myths and misunderstandings about Lord Shani. It will depict the greatness of the Lord Shani (Saturn) and thus break all myths and notions whereby most people fear the effect of Shanidev.

This serial also marks return of Juhi Parmar after long Hiatus.


First Let us Know about Karmphal Data Shani in Detail


Saturn, known as ‘Shani’ in Hindi, is usually taken as Master of Pain and misfortune. Generally people fear with mention of  Saturn ‘Shani’, it creates havoc in mind. But we are here to reveal the significance of Shani Graha. Shani is the son of Sun and Chhaya. Saturn is a planet, which has been much, wronged and was cursed by his own wife and celestial mother Parvati.

Astrology : Saturn ‘Shani’ is not all that Bad

star cast

Shani Dev is born to Surya or Sun God and Chhaya. Chhaya is the clone of Surya’s wife Sangya.

Surya Dev’s character — of a man who refuses to accept his son, and also the first person to be at the receiving end of Shani’s justice — is essayed by actor Salil Ankola.

His loving wife, Sangya, who chooses to go for tapasya because she cannot face her husband’s heat is played by Juhi Parmar.

The actress also plays Sangya’s shadow Chhaya, who eventually conceives Shani.

Praneet Sharma will be seen as Kaakol, a raven who is Shani’s first real friend, his companion and his vehicle.

While Tarun Khanna makes an appearance as Lord Shiva,

Lord Vishnu will be played by Diwakar Pundir.

Kartikeya Malviya will essay the title role of young Shani Dev.

Actor Pooja Sharma will be seen as a Mahakali in the Karmphal Data Shani on Colors. 

Actress Patrali Chattopadhyay is entering the show as Mohini.

Actress Preeti Chaudhary is in the role of Godess Parvati.

The birth of a new relationship in Karmaphal data Shani- Shani and Dhamini?

Uttaran Fame Tina Datta is in the role of Dhamini who will be the wife of Lord Shani in time.


Manisha Sharma, the programming head of the channel, says, “The show boasts of extravagant production design, stellar cast and engaging storyline. Every character has been etched carefully. Recreating pages from the Vedas and Puranas is no mean feat.”




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