If you are watching Karmphal Data Shani a Epic Religious Serial on Colors, you must be wondering why these two Brothers, Lord Shani Dev and lord Yama, hate each other so much.Will their strained relationship be ever cordial? We have seen Karmphal Data Shani portaying God of Death lord Yama in Negative shade, who is always devising ill plans to kill his own Brother Shani.

Their Animosity towards each other can be best explained by tangled relationships of their Mothers.

Lord Yama’s Mother never wanted Shani in Surya dev’s life she does everything in her power to distance him from Surya. Devoid of motherly love and fatherly attention, Shani became angry. This created rift among brothers as well.

Later  these brothers are bestowed with the duty of preserving Dharma or Piety in creation. Lord Yama judged sinners in the after-life while Shani Deva brought judgement to the wicked and evil while they lived on earth.