Arvind Kejriwal, the Only Literate Politician in India, who has habit of asking others their educational qualification Degrees, so that he will show them his IIT Degree Or May be because of His once close Aide Mr Tomar, (The Law Minister with illegal and Fake Degrees).

But if Degrees were only tools to hone Human Character, Kejriwal would have become a Soft-spoken, Non-Abusive CM. but He is not.

According to the information available with Gujarat University, Modi was an external student and completed his masters in political science with a score of 62.3 per cent in 1983. His subjects in the two-year course included European Politics, Indian Political Analysis and Psychology of Politics.

Narendra Modi’s official web site claims he cleared his BA from DU in 1978. The Prime Minister’s Office has consistently refused to furnish details of PM’s educational qualifications demanded under RTIs so far. According to Gujarat University Vice-Chancellor M N Patel, Modi scored 237 marks scored 237 out of 400 in first year MA and 262 out of 400 in MA II. His total was 499 out of 800 marks. “The second year marks listed in the records mention that PM scored 64 (out of 100 marks)marks in political science, 62 in European and Social Political Thoughts, 69 in Modern India/ Political Analysis and 67 marks in Concept tool/s — Political Psychological and Social,” he said.

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