Failed Corruption Crusader Arvind Kejriwal now says “PM Narendra Modi doesn’t have ‘enough courage’ to arrest Sonia Gandhi”. It sounds like a Joke coming from the Man who once claimed to arrest and jail Sheila Dikshit once he comes in power basing on his 370 page Corruption Book. I often wonder “what happened to your Promises”- ODD-EVEN i guess.

“The Italian Court order also has names of Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel, certain officers and Congressmen, but Modi is not able to gather enough courage to arrest Sonia Gandhi, to ask her even two questions, to interrogate her… “Modi ji you have been made PM to take action not to leave the task for Italy court…Our chest would also be of 56 inch if you would have sent her to jail…when my PM says that Italy’s court is taking Gandhi’s name not and not him….I want to ask Modiji why are you scared of her?” – See more at says Arvind Kejriwal.

The Original Dharna Party AAP is doing what they do best…

Kejriwal declared yesterday  Cong and BJP as only dharna parties and Now he is doing What!!

Every Country Has One Kejriwal And Rahul Gandhi….Problem Is We Have The Original One….