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Kejriwal using Mathematics-Number System to solve Pollution problem

No doubt he is creative and intelligent,what others were not able to do in decades,he can do in  a minute.

There is no rocket science.

It is very simple.

The Delhi government plan to ban private cars from its roads on alternate days, according to the last digit(Basing on Odd or Even) on their registration number plates, in an attempt to improve air quality in the world’s most polluted city.

(Challenges-1.will be managed by Delhi Police 2.Suppose One Intelligent Man Mr Bina wal decides to purchase two cars ,one vehicle with Odd system (Number’s ending digit being odd) ,other with even system.

Mr Bina wal with his wife bhure wal decides to use these vehicles accordingly on alternate days.)

Implementation will happen.

Kejriwal has complete faith in Delhi Police,whom he cheekily calls thullas,nonetheless everything will be fine.

Just suppose if it does not work out, he still have different type of Numbers.

Prime numbers are fancy ones.

Kejriwal ji,we expect you to find some solution for Population Problem.

This one can be your next Target.

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