Kerala high court judge Justice B Kamal Pasha has asked a Tough question “why Muslim women could not have four husbands while the Muslim men enjoyed the same privilege under the Muslim personal law”. And I say yes it is been most Prevalent social injustice in Country right now where a Man from specific Community is allowed to have more than one wife, but due to Vote Bank Politics is never been touched.

“Religious heads should do self-introspection whether they are eligible to pronounce one-sided verdicts. People should also think about the eligibility of persons who are pronouncing such verdicts,” he said, adding that women were deprived even of the rights enshrined in the Quran.

Pasha also said that it was unfair to oppose a uniform civil code. “Even the highest court is a bit reluctant to interfere in this. Women should come forward to end this injustice,”

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When you dwell upon these social issues you will find So Called Social Activists like Newcomer Tripti Desai Pure hypocrites. if They are always in search of issues such, then here is one, Please Devote your Precious time for Progress of Women from Other Communities as well

Who Is Tripti Desai

She is Bhumata Brigade president and she headed the agitation against the Shani Shingnapur temple authorities seeking the end of 400-year-old tradition of not allowing women into the sanctum sanctorum.

And Now at eve of Maha shivratri Trupti Desai again started the same Drama of wanting publicity, her demands are not bad at all, but the way she is staging it! When the news of Possible Terror attacks on the eve of Shivratri is viral, i say her intention behind these Drama is Revealed Now. So stop these Dramas ASAP.

Note the timing, when it seems that for Now JNU issue and Kanhaiya is not generating any Viral Hopes for Media and Politicans alike, we have ‘Tripti Desai’ Trending Now. It has been happening for last a year and is no coincidence but a Planned attack on Modi Government. For God Sake for 10 years you managed to stay with Manmohan Singh and A Worst UPA government, Let him work at least, wait for another 3 years, if he is not successful, Throw him.

Where were Kanhaiya, Tripti Desai or Bhumata Brigade when UPA were in Government?