BJP can always boast of their long standing list of great orators,who speak their Heart Out.

I believe,Kirron Kher is a superb addition in that list.I have never expected her to be such a good speaker,but she is.Anyway Nice surprise.

Excerpts From Her speech-

Intolerance is rising they say, in comparison to what and when…

I want to ask all our wonderful intellectuals who returned their awards & who we respect deeply, where were their conscience all these years when so many things that shud have shaken their conscience happened? How come they didn’t wake up then?: Kirron Kher in Lok Sabha.

Indian film industry has faced a lot of intolerance from the Congress Party. It is a matter of record”, Kher said on Tuesday. “Fringe elements are there in every political party”, she said. Kher launched a sharp attack on Congress, saying that India had tolerated the party’s corruption and misrule for 65 years.

She also said that the party is trying to ‘sell victimhood’ to Muslim minorities, so that they can use them as vote banks. Kher closed her statement invoking Rahul Gandhi’s speech at Mount Carmel college in Bengaluru. “Rahul Gandhi said lets work with love. My request is don’t hate us so much and don’t provoke us to hate you”, she said.

Kirron Kher tweeted-Right from the heart! My speech in Parliament today on the “rising intolerance”! Where were those who are returning awards during ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits