Is Kolkata Flyover Collapse An Act of God or Act of Mamata – IVCRL Alliance?

Kolkata Flyover Collapse once again has proved the Politicians has zero accountability and exposed their complete negligence of Human Life. West Bengal CM Mamata Banergee didn’t wait a minute and passed the Blame to Leftists so did IVCRL who passed the blame on God( Who will prove the charges against the God ). I guess it is we to blame who nonsensically chose these Politicians even knowing their credentials. It is nothing but a a man made tragedy in Kolkata – a long delayed flyover collapsing.

The flyover collapse here on March 31, which left 26 killed and 89 injured and being constructed by IVRCL

Watch Arnab Slamming Politicians over Kolkata Flyover Collapse – Man Made Or Natural Tragedy? : The Newshour Debate-

Now some murkier reports are coming out,  BJP  alleged of a pre-existing old nexus of Mamata Banergee and IVCRL


When Banerjee was Railway Minister in 2011, a contract was awarded to a joint venture (JV) in which IVRCL was a partner for constructing a tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir,” “There is a suspicion of a quid pro quo as it was later revealed after the collapse that a company close to the TMC was a sub-contractor for the project,” BJP national secretary and co-observer for West Bengal Siddharth Nath Singh said. Via NewsNation

Everything on ground was wrong right from the time when tender was given Sambit Patra, BJP

A Twitterati shared a Shocking Pic, This happens only in India

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