At Last India will see Rafale fighter jets, 36 Jets for Rs 60,000 Cr

As reported in several Media circles, India may soon finalize the deal with French Government, to purchase 36  Rafale fighter jets, made by French(France) manufacturer Dassault Aviation. For Long it is been cited as IAF’s most sought after Fighter jets that has capability to enhance India’s Air Power to a New Level. So it is always on Cards and much required Deal with France.

As was reported earlier by TOI, the inter-governmental agreement (IGA) and the actual multi-billion dollar contract could not be inked during President Francois Hollande’s visit to India as the chief guest for the January 26 Republic Day parade due to the persisting differences between the two countries. The price is likely to settle around 7.8 million euros or Rs 59,500 crore or so, said sources.

The Modi government had cited IAF’s “critical operational necessity” since the force is currently down to just 33 fighter squadrons when it is authorised 42 to tackle the collusive threat from China and Pakistan

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