The degrees shown by Amit Shah & Arun Jaitley are fake & forged,:says Ashutosh, AAP. but why because “PM Narendra Modi’s name in marksheet and degree don’t match, he should show affidavit of his name change”.

See how politics has changed in recent times, when caught on their lies these failed detectives comes with such Defence.

For god sake You will literally find Numerous documents of a Indian where Kumar or Shri or Mr unintentionally added to your document and it specially happens if your name is big.

I have driver licence, Voter’s ID adding my Family surname in my documents when i originally don’t have them.

Adding suffix such as Kumar, Bhai, Das is routine here in Gujarat: Mahesh Patel, VC Incharge Gujarat University

To create an issue out of a non-issue just to stay in focus is what AAP is trying, Because their (AAP) lie has been caught, if they insist on lying forever, people will judge them: Sambit Patra, BJP