Why a Braveheart Fauji Maj Gen(Rtd) G D Bakshi was made to cry at National TV? Who has given everything to India, is now feeling being left out by his own countrymen, who is a Old vet and has extreme Love for Motherland that our Politicians can never have.

JNU row has brought worst out of Deep Covered anti-nationals, but one of the incident that has happened at Newshour Debate at TIMESNOW was unthinkable and most condemnable. Liar Lot of Tolerant and Intellectual Politicians has made our Army Veteran Fauji Maj Gen(Rtd) G D Bakshi cry that too on national Television.

Defending  Decision to hoist Tricolor on Central University, Fauji Maj Gen(Rtd) G D Bakshi made to Cry on National TV while debating at TIMES NOW hosted by Arnab Goswami. Politicians  must be ashamed of Themselves! Not just politicians Every Indian should be ashamed. One of the Panelist even Commented “The Indian Flag is infiltrating in the autonomy of Autonomous University”. For God sake Do we have to debate or Hoisting Tri-Color or Not.

Defending Tricolor, Fauji G D Bakshi made to Cry on TIMES NOW, Politicians must be ashamed of Themselves!

Read Fauji Maj Gen(Rtd) G D Bakshi’s Words, this will give you the idea ” How Military Veterans are feeling cheated in Country Right now, they are feeling the sense of Betrayal and being left out by nation”

“On Arnab’s debate today i suddenly realised the difference between us soldiers and others. it suddenly hit me.it hurt me deeply to see what we have become. we have problems now with flying our national Flag.? I learnt with the greatest shock that so far the national flag has not been flying in our Universities? Why pray? Are they UN enclaves in Free India beyond the pale of our soveriginity? Are we required to sing the Communist internaionale there instead of our National anthem? Are the universities paid for by our taxes required to celebrate every Afzal Guru , every Maoist,celebrate every 76 brave CRPF boys who get killed by the Maoists? celebrate every single soldier who gets killed in J&K? The problem is the sophisticated debate that these bastions of Leftist liberals have created. Every Patriot is a lumpen. the smart set , the real cool intellectulas support Afzal Guru. For that is the fastest way to a Noble peace Prize or even a Magasay Award( Get rich quick guys- who cares for that land called India).Only soldiers like us are stupid enough to become EXTREME NATIONALISTS. Only soldiers make that extreme sacrifice !! and all along we were told it was the SUPREME sacrifice . The Flag my friend is NOT a piece of tattered silk to us soldiers. It is the SYMBOL of who we are. it is for this piece of tattered silk that we have to Fight and DIE- we have NO choice. You DO! thats the differece”