This picture says it all, L&T Workers had their meal of Life that too with PM Narendra Modi. And this memory they are going to save for lifetime because not everyday one dines with PM of His Country.

Eating together, hearing each other’s thoughts & experiences…at L&T Workers’ Residential Complex in Saudi Arabia.

PM @narendramodi sharing snacks with workers at the L&T residential complex in Riyadh

PM breaks bread with workers – “Your sweat & toil is the pride of India”


After his Washington DC visit PM Narendra Modi reached Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He took this opportunity to meet  dine and speak with L&T workers. He interacted with them sharing their life experience, this is a nice way to be in touch, don’t you agree.

Dear brothers it is your sweat and toil that has brought me here”.

Several times you and your dear ones have written to me, mentioning your hopes, heart breaks & expectations. I feel a part of ur family

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