Manish Tewari said while referring a article in Indian express  Read More “In so far that particular story you are referring to, that time I used to serve in the Standing Committee on Defense and it is unfortunate but the story was true. Story was correct.” In its report, The Indian Express had stated that late on the night of January 16 (the day the then Army Chief, General V K Singh approached the Supreme Court on his date of birth issue), intelligence agencies had reported an unexpected (and non-notified) movement by a key military unit, from the Mechanised Infantry based in Hisar as a part of the 33 Armoured Division in the direction of Delhi. A large element of the airborne 50 Para Brigade based at Agra was also observed moving towards Delhi around that time.

Manish Tewari Vs Former Army Chief General V K Singh- Indian Express Article Reactions at Twitter

Now see the timing of his comments, when Indian army is facing a tough battle and a lot of criticism, his comments are inappropriate and uncalled for. Instead he should have visited Pathankot and might had inspired us. May be reports are true but certainly not his timing, for  the sake of criticizing a Politician in opposite camp (Ret Gen V K Singh)  these “Foot in Mouth” Gang makes stupid comments.

So A Media Person finally turns to condemn congress

Sensing that it may hurt public sentiment, congress distances itself, but why did they allow it to happen in first place.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi said “Mr Tewari is “neither the authorised spokesperson nor was he a part of the Cabinet Committee on Security,” Singhvi said on Sunday. “It was not right for him to comment on such issues,” he added.

“It was inappropriate, unnecessary and completely wrong to suggest that there was truth in those allegations when made.”