You can see for yourself How Match Fixing is done in Rajya Sabha, in which CPI MP D Raja was seen signalling to Honorable Chair, in this Alleged Video while Smriti Irani was quoting Devi Durga and slamming Opposition leaders to support those Mental Cases, D Raja sensed that she is unstoppable so he gestured towards Deputy Chairman, might to adjourn the proceedings.

Disclaimer- We don’t vouch for Authenticity of Video.

Watch to see nervous and shaken Congress-Leftists were planing to adjourn the House, when Smriti Irani was doing Verbal Live Encounter based on Devi Durga Quotes taken from Pamphlets used in JNU. D Raja was caught red-handed by signalling to adjourn the house. So It was a perfect Match Fixing of Congress-Left.

Exposed on Devi Durga Quotes- D Raja was allegedly signalling to adjourn the house to avoid Smriti Irani