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#JNURow Media Lied again! Kanhaiya Kumar was not beaten?

JNU Row- One more Classic Curious case of Manufactured news about Kanhaiya Kumar being beaten, there is a minor scuffle. I have seen all court feeds on news channel and One can see intense scuffle but where is he beaten? We know Crooked  Media is facing the flak and ire of common Indian for JNU issue. There has been reports of reporters being beaten and mind you, famed media personnel tried to protest but they had lost emotional connect with people. So this may be a well designed plan to sensationalize the issue.

When Slogans were raised in JNU, you said it is freedom of expression and don’t blame JNU for Anti-National activity so by same logic don’t brand Whole Lawyer community as Sanghi or RSS Agent just because the shouted “Vande Mataram’ .

No body believes you and today incident will prove that why everyone is right about you. It will not surprise everyone if Reports of Reporters bashing come out as planted and creatively manufactured by Crooked Media.

Kanhaiya Kumar was not attacked, only an attempt was made.He was taken into the court promptly: Delhi Police sources to ABP News

Angry mob tried to assault JNU Student Union President Kanhaiya Kumar while he was being taken to Patiala House Court for hearing but fortunately he was saved by policemen protecting him.


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