PM Narendra Modi thanked all parties for “speaking in one voice” on the developments in Kashmir. He now wants  support for GST Bill, says ‘issue is not about who gets credit’. In a Way PM Modi hints opposition  “pass GST and take full credit”.

But question is “Whether  opposition ready to rise over politics of confrontation”. War is certainly on! PM Modi said GST Bill was of “national importance” and urged all parties to keep national interest above everything else.

But it seems opposition in different mood and will go on all out war with Government over issues like ” Recent political developments in Arunachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand”

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar told reporters “Our legislative business, including GST, is a priority. We want to see to that we pass the GST bill with consensus. We are going to take every party on board, The meeting was very fruitful. All the parties desired smooth functioning of Parliament and assured of their cooperation. Congress too assured support to legislative proposals based on merits,”